Singapore Art Garrett & Gallery  Pop Up Show  –  Kerbau Road,  Singapore

Darwin’s Finches portrays a vision into the past when genetic diversity was celebrated. Transcontinental journeys were made to explore the wide and varied species of the New World – Patagonia, the Pacific, Asia and Australia. In addition to the huge number of new species he discovered, Darwin’s work introduced us to the endless possibility of breeding and cross breeding to achieve a perfect specimen for a particular situation. The Theory of Evolution was developed; the world was turned upside-down.

This collection reminds us of a world of innocence long past; when genetic provenance was in keeping with place, cross breeding was accidental and genetic manipulation a process not yet discovered. The images show a romantic disconnect between our lives and nature – looking out, looking in.

The intention of this show, Endangered & Extinct,  is to celebrate diversity and particularization.


St Luke Exquisite Pallette Show, Melbourne

Mallee Emu Wren 01

Endangered Mallee Emu Wren

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