Mary Murphy

Artist and designer Mary Murphy was born in Melbourne, Australia. She draws inspiration from the various Asian countries she has lived in including Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and India.  Mary’s work is influenced by her background in graphic, landscape and fashion design,  studies in horticulture and general curiosity in man’s habitation in a transformed natural environment.  Mary explores parallels between the complex journeys of migratory birds and her own experiences of working and raising a family while on the move across many countries and cultures.  Having travelled extensively, Mary’s current motif of Immigration & Refugees reflects the artist’s concern for humanity, nature and the environment.   Mary’s work has been included in exhibitions in Melbourne and Singapore and has been collected by clients in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Check the tabs at top right of this page for latest work – ‘2014, 2013, 2012, etc …’


Immigration & Refugees - New Holland

Immigration & Refugees – New Holland (after La Tour)                         Linden Postcard Show

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